Card Access Services payment gateway now available

We’re always on the lookout for more options for our store owners to accept payments online.  Last week we integrated the Fat Zebra payment gateway into Spiffy Stores, which is now available to all online stores in Australia.

This week, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with the Card Access Services payment gateway to provide real-time payment processing.

This means that you now have even more options for accepting credit card payments directly in your online store.

Our current direct payment gateways available to e-commerce stores in Australia are:

  • Advam
  • ANZ eGate
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Camtech
  • Card Access Services
  • Commonwealth Bank CommWeb
  • eWay
  • Fat Zebra
  • NAB Transact
  • NetRegistry
  • PaySecure
  • PaymentExpress (Australia and New Zealand)
  • SecurePay
  • Suncorp Bank
  • Westpac PayWay

These are in addition to our support for PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Express, and the ability to accept credit card payments manually using your own credit card processing facilities.

More information about Card Access Services, and instructions for activating the gateway can be found in our knowledge base.

Easy theme editing using WebDAV

We’ve always believed in pushing the technical envelope to provide advanced technical solutions to make life easier for our store owners.  This is way more important to us than the hype and gloss that you may find in the rest of the industry.

Over the past year, we’ve been talking to loads of web designers who use Spiffy Stores to create online stores for their customers. Although they love creating new e-commerce shops using our software, the resounding feedback we’ve been getting is that whilst the current Theme Editor in the Toolbox is great for small changes, it get’s a bit more difficult when designing an entire theme for a store.

For larger theme updates it’s really necessary to download the theme files to your computer, edit them and then upload the new files to the server. Using the Theme Editor to do this is a bit cumbersome, and makes the design process more difficult than it should be.

We’ve listened to these concerns, and have spent considerable time and effort working on a solution… so today we’re very proud to announce a major new capability which allows all your theme files and assets to be edited directly from your computer using WebDAV enabled editors such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver, and Panic’s Coda.  If you’re on a Mac, you’re even luckier, as WebDAV is built right into OSX, and can be used in conjunction with TextMate and Taco.

To use this new feature in Windows, all you need is a WebDAV enabled editor or a utility such as NetDrive which allows WebDAV files to be mounted on your computer as a local folder. This means that you can use your favourite editor to edit your store’s theme files directly from your computer.

If you’re using a WebDAV enabled editor such as Dreamweaver, you also have access to some advanced features such a file checkout and locking so that you can work in a team without having to worry about whether someone else overwrites your changes.

If you’re a web designer and your current e-commerce software doesn’t support WebDAV, then you should seriously consider Spiffy Stores for this feature alone, as you’ll find your theme development time slashed significantly.

For more info about using WebDAV to edit your store, head over to the WebDAV section of our knowledge base.

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Fat Zebra payment gateway now available

We’re pleased to announce that Spiffy Stores now supports the Fat Zebra payment gateway for accepting credit cards in your e-commerce shop.

Fat Zebra is easy to set up, and has some of the lowest fees in Australia, at just 40¢ per transaction… dropping down to 18¢ on their larger plans.

Setting up a payment gateway on your website can be time consuming and costly, with some startups spending in excess of $6000 just to have something live… let alone actually covering the costs with sales.

Fat Zebra charge on average around $220 per year, and take a flat rate from each transaction.  This combined with the assistance they will provide you in setting up your account, along with the ease of integrating the gateway into your Spiffy Store makes their payment gateway one of the best value for money solutions available for accepting payments online in Australia.

When it comes to systems like PayPal, one of the major issues a lot of small businesses and startups have is that they are cash flow poor, this means that waiting up to three days for money to land in an account can have a negative impact on the business.  Most payments processed by Fat Zebra will appear in your merchant account by the following business day.

Find out more about Fat Zebra at

For instructions on integrating the Fat Zebra gateway into your Spiffy Store, go to

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Store of the moment: The Possible Co.

The Possible Co. Online Store
At The Possible Co. they believe it is possible to always shop nice – nice for people, nice for animals and nice for the planet.  Shopping nice doesn’t mean sacrificing creativity, adventure or design however…

All of their products have been specifically sourced from companies that work hard to ensure neither animals, humans or the environment are harmed in the making of their products.

Check out their new Spiffy Store at

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