Store of the moment: Aromatix


Spurred by the birth of her first baby, Aromatix owner Amanda set out on a mission to find truly pure and natural products for her family from local suppliers. She even studied beauty and skincare in her journey to find solutions that reduced exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.

Amanda has scoured the length and breadth of the country to bring you Australian natural & organic products to delight your body, mind and home. And she knows you’re going to love them as much as she does.

Many of them are based on the principles of Aromatherapy, which means they are not only good for you but they smell great too!

Check out her Spiffy Store at

Store of the moment: Worry Dolls


The worry dolls from Guatemala featured in the Worry Dolls store are all produced by co-operatives from various villages, earning much needed funds for basic necessities and small scale infrastructure projects within their communities.

Their gorgeous new Spiffy Store was based on our Seattle Theme, re-designed by Design & PR Girl, and built by us. This is a practical affordable approach to getting your own store fully customised. We’re loving the look, and Ana (the store owner) is tickled pink with the new design!

Check out their Spiffy Store at

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Store of the moment: Goldfish Toy Shop


Goldfish Toys are designers of original, colourful, fun stuff for kids and the young at heart. All products are ethically and fairly made by hand in Indonesia and India.

The happy wooden products are designed in Australia by Mrs Goldfish (Elisa Doro), and lovingly handmade in a small family workshop in Bali.

Check out their Spiffy Store at

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Store of the moment: Elms & King

elms-and-king-online-storeThe Elms & King store, created by Arlington Milne co-founders Rebecca Elms and Louise King have a great selection of handbags, clutches, totes and wallets made from high quality PU.

I love the Manhattan Shopper in red, it adds a bright, happy splash of colour to Winter’s dark outfits and it’s roomy enough to carry all my stuff!

Check out their other goodies at

Store of the moment: Bushcraft Oz


The Bushcraft Oz store is filled with products which have been hand made by local Australian craftsmen. Many of them are regular and well known members of the popular BushcraftOz forum.

They don’t just sell gear that looks pretty (although much of it is) and they’re not interested in selling products that they wouldn’t use themselves.  Their products are tested under Australian conditions, and many of the items on sale are the result of extensive research drawing on the generous experience and knowledge of others in the Australian bushcraft community. If it’s on sale there then it works, and works well!

Check out their Spiffy Store at

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Store of the moment: Styled Sealed Delivered

styled-sealed-delivered-online-storeThe whole concept for Styled Sealed Delivered is based on the concept of a one-stop shop where thry provide a style sheet to guide you, as well as all the elements for the table, so that you can “style” it yourself.

Their collections are combinations of beautiful and bespoke pieces all designed so that they have many applications and can be re-used, built upon and styled by you.

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Store of the moment: Hot Choccy


Don’t you just LOVE hot chocolate! Whenever I go to a cafe, while my friends are ordering strange sounding fancy schmancy coffee varieties… I’m ordering hot chocolate!

At Hot Choccy, they’ve sourced the best tasting, healthiest ingredients to make their range of lush drinking chocolate. They have milk and dark chocolate varieties for the traditionalists… and they’re amazing by the way… but they also have some incredible flavours – caramel, orange, strawberry, cappuccino and lemon!

Take a look around their store… choose a 250g or 70g bag, or a 100g jar, and enjoy their delicious flavoured Hot Choccy range!

Check out their Spiffy Store at

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Store of the moment: Suzy Hausfrau

suzy-hausfrau-yarn-online-storeAt suzy hausfrau they’re passionate about the handmade movement and being creative in the home. They believe that by sourcing quality products they’ll act as a source of inspiration and enable you to undertake your own creative journey. We hope that you take up the challenge to create something for yourself… because it is not just the end result that is important, it’s the journey!

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Store of the moment: Antipodean Love

antipodean-love-online-storeAfter many hours rummaging through markets and trailing through the internet, the folks at Antipodean Love have brought together some amazing Australian and New Zealand designers under one store… for your ease and shopping pleasure!

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Easy theme editing using WebDAV

We’ve always believed in pushing the technical envelope to provide advanced technical solutions to make life easier for our store owners.  This is way more important to us than the hype and gloss that you may find in the rest of the industry.

Over the past year, we’ve been talking to loads of web designers who use Spiffy Stores to create online stores for their customers. Although they love creating new e-commerce shops using our software, the resounding feedback we’ve been getting is that whilst the current Theme Editor in the Toolbox is great for small changes, it get’s a bit more difficult when designing an entire theme for a store.

For larger theme updates it’s really necessary to download the theme files to your computer, edit them and then upload the new files to the server. Using the Theme Editor to do this is a bit cumbersome, and makes the design process more difficult than it should be.

We’ve listened to these concerns, and have spent considerable time and effort working on a solution… so today we’re very proud to announce a major new capability which allows all your theme files and assets to be edited directly from your computer using WebDAV enabled editors such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver, and Panic’s Coda.  If you’re on a Mac, you’re even luckier, as WebDAV is built right into OSX, and can be used in conjunction with TextMate and Taco.

To use this new feature in Windows, all you need is a WebDAV enabled editor or a utility such as NetDrive which allows WebDAV files to be mounted on your computer as a local folder. This means that you can use your favourite editor to edit your store’s theme files directly from your computer.

If you’re using a WebDAV enabled editor such as Dreamweaver, you also have access to some advanced features such a file checkout and locking so that you can work in a team without having to worry about whether someone else overwrites your changes.

If you’re a web designer and your current e-commerce software doesn’t support WebDAV, then you should seriously consider Spiffy Stores for this feature alone, as you’ll find your theme development time slashed significantly.

For more info about using WebDAV to edit your store, head over to the WebDAV section of our knowledge base.

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