5 vital SEO tips

So you have your online store but just can’t seem to get good ranking in Google’s search results. Well, if you’re a DIY search engine optimiser then what’s best way to fix this?  To most people, why sites rank well on google is a mystery,  so here are basic some tips on just what it is you need to do….
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More sneak previews

Preferences MenuI’ve been working on tweaking our admin interface so that it’s more immediately apparent where important store preferences are found.  We get so many questions from people who ask “how do I set my shipping” and “how do I add PayPal”, that we really needed to address this issue.

Hopefully with the new drop-downs, our newer store owners who are afraid to click will see the different preference options by hovering over menu items.  Without putting a bunch of text on the Dashboard (that no-one will read anyway), I’m not sure what more we can do.  It should also help you find new advanced options that we’ll be adding over the coming months.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the interface, let us know!