Store of the moment: JD Lighting

JD Lighting are based in Browns Plains, Brisbane, but have brought their great range of lighting solutions to everyone in Australia… 24 hours, 7 days a week with their Spiffy Store.

Their online store is a full custom designed store, which was designed and built by 2plik8 Studios in Brisbane.

Stripe payment gateway now available

We’re really pleased to announce that Spiffy Stores now supports the Stripe payment gateway for accepting credit card payments in your online store.

Stripe is super easy to set up, and has some of the lowest fees, bringing the whole process of automating credit card payments within reach of small businesses… without the giant setup fees imposed by many banks.  Their fees are just 2.9% of the transaction plus a 30¢ transaction fee.

Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimum charges, no validation fees, and no card storage fees. There’s also no charge for failed payments.

What’s the catch you ask?  None except that it’s only currently available to ecommerce businesses based in the US.  We’re eagerly awaiting the release of their worldwide service though, and will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Store of the moment: Soundhub

Soundhub is based in Brisbane, Queensland. Soundhub stocks a wide variety of headphones that includes earphone/earbud styles, traditional overhead headphones, wireless/bluetooth and noise-cancelling models.  With a growing range they are always on the lookout for headphones that offer listeners more than the generic ‘clonephone’ design.

The Soundhub online store is based on the Minimal ecommerce theme from Spiffy Stores.

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Worldpay payment gateway now available

We’re happy to announce that Spiffy Stores now supports the Worldpay Direct XML payment gateway, allowing store owners to seamlessly accept credit and debit card payments in their online store.

Worldpay’s Business Gateway Plus is an all in one payment gateway and Internet Merchant Account that includes advanced fraud screening and online management, giving you everything you need to start collecting payments online. With everything under one roof, it really is good value and easy to manage.

Existing store owners who have signed up with Worldpay can enable the Worldpay gateway in the “Preferences -> Checkout & payment” section of their store toolbox.  More information about payment gateways compatible with Spiffy Stores can be found in our knowledge base.

Adding URL Redirects makes migrating your online store even easier

A URL redirect can help your customers find your products on your new Spiffy Store site when you migrate from another software platform and your old links are still cached by the search engines. This makes the whole migration process easy and painless as you don’t run the risk of losing sales because your customers can’t find the right products.

In simple terms, a URL redirect lets you map from one web page address to another, and this is the kind of feature that you’ll find supported by most modern ecommerce and online shop builder software.

However, here at Spiffy Stores we like to provide our store owners with the best possible tools for running their online stores, so we decided to go just that little bit further to help you solve your problems without actually creating more work for you.

If you look at the URL Redirection solutions offered by other hosted e-commerce providers, you’ll quickly see that in most cases they don’t offer any form of pattern matching or wildcard support for the redirections. This means that for a large store, you may be forced to enter many thousands of redirection mappings to support the full range of possibilities. Even worse, some don’t even offer a bulk import/export feature, so you have to type in all your redirects by hand.
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New payment gateway: Quickbooks Merchant Services

Happy Friday everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that Spiffy Stores now supports Intuit’s Quickbooks Merchant Services payment gateway to accept credit card payments in your online store.

You can select this gateway in the “Checkout & Payment” section of your store’s preferences, where you’ll also find some handy setup instructions to get you up and running.

Store of the moment: Midgee Moo

The Midgee Moo online store has a gorgeous range of quality, traditional puzzles, games, pretend food, craft, special needs toys, kinder needs and so much more… sourced from around the globe for kids from newborn up to 6 years old to enjoy.

Their store is based on the Georgia Theme for Spiffy Stores, and they’ve added a super-cute custom designed logo, background and banners designed by Restored 316 Designs.

Westpac PayWay payment gateway now available

Spiffy Stores is proud to announce that we now support the Westpac PayWay API service. If you already have a PayWay account or are planning on getting one, you can now use the PayWay payment gateway to seamlessly accept payments in your online store.

PayWay is a fully integrated merchant solution and payment gateway from Westpac, which means you only have to pay one organisation for both your merchant solution and your gateway solution to accept credit cards in your ecommerce website.

Existing Spiffy Stores store owners can set up the PayWay gateway in the “Checkout & payment” section of their store preferences. Unlike some other providers, we don’t charge a fee for an “add-on” to enable you to use PayWay…  it’s available for use with no additional charges from us!

For more information about the Payway gateway, please visit

As with all payment gateway options, we recommend you shop around to get the best deal for your business. A full list of all of the payment gateways that can be used with Spiffy Stores is available in our knowledge base.