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Spiffy Stores feature list

We think carefully before adding new features, as every new feature can make Spiffy Stores more difficult to use and set up… so every feature listed below has been well thought out, and just works better period.

To keep the list as short as we can, we've excluded hundreds of little features… so if what you're looking for isn't listed below just give us a call on 1300 727 334 or you can start your 14 day free trial if you'd prefer to see them all for yourself.

Store Design

  • Multi-level category menus
  • Gorgeous store design themes
  • W3C/XHTML compliant themes
  • Easily integrate your existing design
  • Edit templates in Dreamweaver
  • Edit HTML and CSS in your browser
  • Edit HTML and CSS via WebDav
  • Upload a logo easily in the theme editor
  • Change website text easily
  • Editing of HTML & text email templates
  • Works in all popular web browsers
  • Easy to use web-based control panel

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO friendly product URLS
  • SEO friendly collections URLS
  • SEO friendly web page URLS
  • SEO friendly news item URLs
  • Fully SEO-optimized themes
  • Optimized by SEO Experts
  • Redirect non-WWW to WWW
  • Optimized by company founders (SEO experts)
  • HTML easily parsed by search spiders
  • Automatic (and correct use of) robots.txt file
  • PageRank not passed to irrelevant pages
  • Automatically generated XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
  • Proper use of H1...H6 tags
  • SEO friendly product links
  • SEO friendly category links
  • SEO friendly brand links
  • SEO friendly search links
  • SEO friendly page links
  • SEO friendly blog article links
  • Toggle SEO friendly links
  • W3C valid templates
  • Tableless store designs
  • Custom product image alt text
  • New SEO optimizations added regularly
  • Correct use of NOFOLLOW attribute
  • Lightweight HTML, separate from CSS
  • 100% HTML and CSS templates, no PHP
  • Full access to modify HTML & CSS

Orders & Checkout

  • Automatic related items
  • Accept pre-orders / back-orders
  • Automatic order archiving
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Shipping tracking numbers
  • Packing slip per shipment
  • Customisable email order confirmation
  • Add multiple items to cart
  • Create order shipments
  • Order messaging system
  • Lock your store for maintenance
  • Set a custom starting order number
  • Send order tracking link to customer automatically via email
  • Automatic Abandoned Checkout recovery emails

Products & Merchandising

  • Sell products with options (size, color, etc)
  • Custom fields (i.e. text to print on a t-shirt)
  • Sell Gift Cards
  • SKU appears on packing slips
  • Bulk discount quantity pricing
  • Create unlimited collections
  • Import products, images, options, etc
  • Bulk export/re-import thousands of items
  • Export products for bulk update in Excel
  • Create and assign brands/manufacturers
  • Add products to unlimited collections
  • Per-option custom SKUs
  • Liquid / HTML editor for description
  • Embed videos in product description
  • Disqus comment/reviews integration
  • Specify cost price of products
  • Enter retail price to show RRP
  • Enter sale price for sale events
  • Automatic "on Sale" tagging of products.
  • Choose if a product is taxable or not
  • Disable purchasing on a per-product basis
  • Specify product weight for live shipping quotes
  • Enable free shipping on a per-product opr per collection basis
  • In-store product search

Products & Product Options

  • Sell products such as apparel & computers
  • Setup unlimited variations per product
  • Set up "Custom options" for made to order items
  • Custom options don't count towards product limit
  • Add, subtract or set fixed price for each custom option
  • Set a unique SKU for each product variation
  • Set stock on hand for each product variation
  • Change the display order of product variations and custom options
  • Add variation without affecting existing products
  • Remove variation without affecting products
  • Optionally track inventory per variation
  • Bulk update or products
  • Disable purchasing of specific options
  • Force options to be selected when buying
  • Re-order function preserves product options
  • Options displayed with order and on invoice

Inventory & Stock Control

  • Per-variation inventory levels
  • Inventory tracking can be disabled per product
  • Inventory tracking can be disabled per variation
  • Low stock level warning for each variation
  • Track inventory at a product variation level
  • Set current stock level per product variation
  • Automatic inventory control
  • Low stock reminder indicators on dashboard
  • Detailed inventory report for all products
  • Disable purchasing when no stock
  • Enable back-order when no stock
  • Bulk update inventory levels

Tax Rates & Settings

  • Very flexible tax system
  • Supports GST in Australia
  • Supports GST in New Zealand
  • Supports tax methods in US
  • Full support for geographic tax zones
  • State-based tax zones
  • Country-based tax zones
  • Unlimited tax rates & zones
  • Flat tax option
  • Tax shown on invoices, etc
  • Flexible tax rules and flow
  • Sales tax report by date
  • Sell locally, nationally or internationally

In-Store Merchandising

  • Full product catalog
  • Online checkout system
  • One click add to cart
  • Optimized usability
  • Order status update emails
  • Private wish lists that can be sent by email
  • Order messaging system
  • Related products
  • Suggestive cart - "You may also like"…

Customer Accounts

  • Login using email address/password
  • Alternative login via Facebook/Google
  • Store credits supported
  • Wholesale price support
  • Customer-based discounts
  • Extensive search filtering for easy management

Hosting & Security

  • Enterprise-grade network architecture
  • Over 1,000 GBPS of connectivity
  • SAS type II certified data center
  • Three distinct and redundant networks
  • Hacker deterrent security provisioning
  • Biometric security system with badge access
  • Digital security video surveillance
  • Multiple public peers

Images & Photos

  • Upload an unlimited number of photos
  • Photos are automatically re-sized to optimum size
  • Thumbnails created automatically on product pages
  • Click to zoom photo zooming
  • Easily re-order product photos
  • Open large images in a popup/lightbox window
  • Automatic alt text for SEO

Shopping Comparison Engines

  • Product feed to Shopping.com
  • Product feed to Shopzilla
  • Product feed to Google Merchant Center
  • Product feed to Getprice.com.au

Email Marketing

  • Integration with Campaign Monitor
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • CSV newsletter subscriber export
  • CSV customer export

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook "Like" buttons on product pages
  • Google +1 buttons on product pages
  • Links to your Facebook and Twitter pages and RSS feed in footer
  • Facebook OpenGraph META support
  • Facebook comments integration
  • Disqus comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
  • Share products on 20+ social media sites

Marketing & Promotions

  • Free shipping offers using "Shopping cart discounts"
  • Limit discounts by location and/or shipping method
  • Limit coupon usage
  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Integration to 7+ shopping comparison sites
  • Advanced integration with MailChimp
  • Coupon expiry date
  • Coupon limited uses
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Bulk discounts per-product and per-collection
  • Cart discount rules system with buy one get one free, etc
  • Free shipping on orders over $x
  • Related products panel
  • Export products to CSV
  • RSS feeds
  • Integrate with any live chat software

Payments & Shipping

  • Accept credit cards online
  • Support for 50+ gateways
  • PayPal, Google Checkout, etc
  • Free 256 bit SSL secure certificate on your own domains
  • Support for "offline" payments such as COD, pay in store, cheque, etc
  • Take orders over the phone
  • Real time shipping calculator
  • Austraia Post, NZ Post, UPS, USPS, FedEx etc
  • Define your own custom shipping rates
  • Limit shipping methods by country
  • Limit shipping methods by state
  • Limit shipping methods by zipcode
  • Various free shipping options
  • Add handling cost to orders
  • Add extra shipping time to orders

Content Management System

  • Full CMS functionality
  • 100% browser based
  • Publish web pages
  • Display returns policies, etc
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Dropdown/pop out menus
  • SEO-friendly pages
  • Publish content to RSS
  • Built-in contact form
  • Responses sent via email
  • Add products to multiple collections
  • Recent news items
  • Treeview menu management
  • Drag & drop menu arrangement
  • Collection level discounts
  • Product level discounts

Business Intelligence Reports

  • Full e-commerce integration with Google Analytics
  • Daily conversion rate
  • Customer locations (Google maps)
  • Inventory report
  • Revenue per customer
  • Search keywords with results
  • Search keywords without results
  • Best performing keywords
  • Search term corrections

In-Store Search

  • Product tags
  • Shop by brand
  • Shop by tag
  • Enhanced fuzzy search to improve results

Import/Export Options

  • Bulk export/re-import thousands of items at once
  • Export products to CSV
  • Import products from CSV
  • Export orders to CSV
  • Import/Export customers using CSV



  • Choose orders per page in admin
  • Choose products per page in admin
  • Choose customers per page in admin
  • Automatic admin logout after 20 minutes
  • Admin passwords hashed and salted