PayPal Checkout is Here!

We’re happy to announce that PayPal’s new payments platform, PayPal Checkout, is now available on all Spiffy Stores.

This new platform brings a raft of improvements, both for you, as a merchant, and for your customers.

Your customers are going to be pleased that the new PayPal Pay in 4 payments option is now available to eligible customers, allowing them to split their payment into 4 separate payments, so that they can spread out the cost of their purchases to suit their budgets. As a merchant, you’ll receive the full payment up front, with PayPal managing the remaining payments.

You’ll be also happy to know that all the confusion between PayPal Express and PayPal Website Payments Standard has gone away. Now there’s just a single payment option that the customer can choose at payment time. What’s better is that the customer doesn’t leave the checkout page to be redirected to the PayPal site for payment. The whole payment process takes place within a pop-up window on the checkout page. This will eliminate a lot of confusion for your customers, and will hopefully improve your sales as a result.

Another terrific improvement for you, as a merchant, is that abandoned orders are a thing of the past. Under the new PayPal Checkout platform, if a customer has a change of mind, and doesn’t proceed with the payment, then an order is not created. This means that you won’t see a lot of unpaid orders popping up as customers get redirected to PayPal, and then confused by the process, and abandon their purchase, leaving you with an unpaid order to deal with. Of course, if a customer does not go through with the purchase, you still have the option of following them up with a reminder email using our Abandoned Checkouts feature.

If there’s a problem with the order, and you need to process a refund, you’ll be happy to know that the refund process is now fully integrated with PayPal. If you process a refund for a PayPal Checkout order through your Spiffy Store admin interface, then that refund will also be passed through to PayPal for processing automatically.

Finally, when you ship an order, if you add a tracking number to the order, this will automatically be added to the PayPal order as well. This will greatly improve your chances of winning any dispute with the customer, as PayPal will have a record of the tracking number and will generally find in your favour as a result.

PayPal Checkout is fairly straightforward to add to your Spiffy Store. If you are currently using the older legacy PayPal integrations, then you will need to disable them first. You can then follow our instructions in our Knowledge Base for adding PayPal Checkout to your store.

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