Why the new iPhone 5s is great news for your online store

taking iphone photosReaders of this blog will know I’m a huge fan of taking photos with my iPhone.

I mean, why bother with the expense of a separate camera when an iPhone takes great hi-resolution images with ease, and apps like Instagram make me look like a ruddy photo rockstar.

I’ve even written posts showing how you can use a smartphone to take top quality product shots and how to give extra punch to a photo with Instagram.


Because detailed, hi-resolution photography is key to the success of your online store.

The world just can’t get enough of big, juicy images busting with personality and detail and it’s especially important in e-commerce. Your store could thrive or die on the quality of your product photos, which is why the iPhone 5s camera upgrades are a blessing for online retailers.

The new 5s still has the 8 megapixel camera I know and love, but they’ve improved the lens so you get better results in low light conditions. There’s a new flash that adjusts colour and brightness, and two new shooting features; a burst mode that takes 10 frames per second, and a slow-mo video that shoots 120 frames per second.

Combine all that with the powerful photography software coming out in the new operating system iOS7 and you’ve got a professional photo studio that fits in your pocket.

Imagine how great your product photos would look if you took them with this baby. Actually, you don’t need to imagine – here’s a few examples.

Don’t say I didn’t let you know.

Photo credit: Barry Pousman via Flickr