Making your Orders just a bit more Secure

Here’s a quick update on a small security update that was added to Spiffy Stores this morning.

When payments are made using PayPal, we are given some information about the status of the customer’s PayPal account. In particular, we are told whether the customer is using a PayPal verified account or not to make the purchase.

This account status is now available from the Order History payment link whenever a payment is made.

You will normally see an item in the Order History like,

10:38am The customer successfully paid....

Click on the line and it will take you to the payments detail page. On the Message line you will now see something like
Received payment from gateway - Payer Status verified

If you receive a payment from an unverified account, you may wish to exercise a little more caution in processing the order.

Resending a Lost Order Confirmation Email

Every time a customer places an order, they are sent an Order Confirmation email showing them what they’ve ordered.

From time to time, email messages get lost or misplaced. Now you can resend a lost Order Notification to the customer from the Order page. Just go to the order and you’ll find a new link called “Email Order Notification”.

Just click on the link to resend the lost Order Notification.