Google Shopping arrives in Australia!

Google have just announced that they are launching both the Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping in Australia!

If you’d like to use Google Shopping to reach more customers, just log in to your Spiffy Store Toolbox and head over to the “Marketing >> Product data feeds” section.  You can then set up a new feed for the Google Merchant Centre by following the instructions in that section.

When you’ve done that, the next step is to log in to the Google Merchant Centre, create a new feed , and choose Australia from the drop-down menu. If you’re new to the Google Merchant Centre, we recommend reading the “Getting Started” articles in the Google Merchant Help Center.

Store owners that choose to advertise their product catalogue can also do so using AdWords’ product extensions as well.  Product extensions use the product information submitted by the retailer and automatically display the extra information within ads, where relevant. To learn more about product extensions, visit the AdWords Help Center.

Happy shopping! added to your store data feeds

With an emphasis on local fashion, enables their members to seek what they covet like never before, searching across hundreds of fashion retail sites in a single click.

Developed for an Australian audience seeking all their favourite brands in one place and an international audience hungry for Australian fashion, content is sourced from designers, high street brands, boutique retailers and established online stores.

With over 1,000 brands to covet, members edit their style from a comprehensive catalogue of what’s available online.

For more information about the Merchant Program, visit the site.

To add a data feed to your store, you first need to sign up for the Merchant Program, and then create a feed in the Marketing section of your Spiffy Store.

New Data Feed functionality: Get more exposure for products in your store

We’re pleased to announce that Spiffy Stores now provides data feeds for popular shopping comparison sites.  By using the new XML data feeds built into our online store software, you’ll now be able to attract more visitors, which should convert to sales.

Online shopping is one of today’s growth areas, and many customers want the best price they can get when purchasing online. This is where price comparison sites can help online shoppers get the best deal. For you, as a merchant, these sites can help you get a wider exposure for your products in a cost effective manner as your products will be seen by a larger number of customers who are shopping on line for similar goods.
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Get Order Notifications when you’re on the move

With more and more people on the move and accessing their Spiffy Stores Toolbox from mobile devices, we’ve added a quick and simple way for you to get timely updates when your online store gets new orders.

Browse to your “Overview of your orders” page in your Spiffy Store Toolbox and you’ll now see an additional entry in the sidebar which includes a data feed link to all your most recent orders.

The new data feed link is encrypted and password protected so you can be sure that your online stores’ customers’ data is safe and secure.

There is more information available on this new feature in our Knowledge Base at

You can use this link on your mobile device to find out when new orders have been placed in your online store rather than having to monitor your email for the email notifications you normally receive.