Make yourself Popular with Free Shipping

Everyone loves a bargin or free stuff!

Reward your customers for their loyalty by giving them free shipping. We’ve added a new type of shipping rate that makes this possible for every Spiffy Stores customer.

Until now, shipping rates have been weight-based. We’ve added the capability to define rates based upon the value of the shopping cart. You can define a range of values for the value of the shopping cart and if the cart falls within that range, you can provide a fixed value for the cost of shipping. This value can be $0.00, which is how you specify free shipping.

For example, you can create a rule that provides for free shipping if the customer spends $50 or more.

If no shopping cart value range applies, then the normal weight-based rules will apply.

This new type of shipping rate complements our other promotional tools and fills in the gap between shopping cart discounts and coupon codes.

Here’s a quick summary of the various ways in which you can offer free shipping and other discounts.

You can specify that an individual product variation has free shipping by defining the variation with a zero weight. No matter what other rules or discounts are applied, this item will always have a zero shipping cost.

Shopping cart discounts provide an extremely flexible way of providing discounts and free shipping and the rules can be based on a whole range of conditions. For example, you can offer free shipping based upon cart value, the number of products purchased from specific collections and the discount can be specifically applied to selected products. These rules can also be combined to produce specific promotional offers as required.

Shopping cart discounts are only available on our Business and Enterprise accounts, so until now, there was no simple way to provide a basic free shipping offer.

Another problem with providing Free Shipping combined with other shopping cart discounts is that the value of the cart is determined before any other discounts are applied. In some cases you want to calculate the Free Shipping offer using the amount the customer actually pays, rather than the value of the products ordered before any other discounts have been applied.

In this case, using a shopping cart value based shipping rate is the perfect solution, as it uses the value of the cart after all shopping cart discounts have been applied.

Finally, for custom special offers that may be tied to some specific promotion such as a newsletter or advertising campaign, we have coupon codes. Coupon codes provide for a wide range of discounts, but do not provide for Free Shipping.

For more detailed information on our comprehensive range of promotional discounts and offers that can help you increase your sales, please refer to our Knowledge Base articles at