Minimal theme: Product image size

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If your store uses the Minimal theme, we recommend uploading square images, around 800px square, as the minimal theme supports only square images.

You can make this a lot easier for yourself if you change your store's built-in product image sizes. To do this, follow the instructions below;

Changing your stores’ product image sizes

To change the default image sizes that your Spiffy Store uses, you will need to do a couple of things… turn on advanced configuration options in your preferences, and then edit the product image sizes in your theme editor. Instructions on each step are below.

Step 1. Turn on advanced configuration options

  • Log in to your store, and go to the “Your Settings” page in the top right menu
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced Configuration” section, and tick the box that says “Enable advanced theme options.”
  • Click the “Save changes” button.

Step 2. Change your default image sizes

  • Go to the “Design & assets >> Theme editor” section of your toolbox in the top right menu
  • Scroll down to the “Custom Product Image Sizes” section.
  • Change the “Compact Image” dimensions to 100 wide and 100 high, and tick only the box for “padded”.
  • Change the “Medium Image” dimensions to 220 wide and 220 high, and tick only the box for “padded”.
  • Change the “Large Image” dimensions to 464 wide and 464 high, and tick only the box for “padded”.
  • Click the “Save” button.

Resizing your own photos

Resizing your images before you upload them gives you far greater control. Not everyone knows how to use image editing programs, which is why we have recommended the “Custom image sizes” option for most people.

Most people have some sort of image editing program that allows them to re-size or crop an image. There are plenty of free ones out there as well. There's a great one online at (Advanced Pixlr editor)

If you’ve got a handle on editing your own images… give it a go!

If you upload product images that are 800px wide x 800px high, then your photos should come out gorgeous.

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