Designing themes

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Before you start to design a theme, please ensure that you are familiar with the basic workings of the Spiffy Stores themes. An overview is available at How do Themes work?

If you decide to design your own theme, then you can load one of our standard themes from the Theme Gallery to get started with. Please note that many of our standard themes have built-in customization that will allow you to change colours and upload your own custom images. You may find that you can customize one of these themes using the Theme Editor rather than designing your own theme from scratch.

Once you've downloaded one of the standard themes, unzip the theme file and then you can set about modifying the templates and stylesheets with your favourite HTML editor.

When you’ve finished creating and testing your new theme, create a zip file of the theme files and upload it through the "Design & Assets" section of the Toolbox.

Using Liquid

Theme Customization

Detailed information on how to create a customizable theme can be found here

Theme Menus

Every theme is going to need some menus.

Your Spiffy Store supports a range of different menu options, from simple static menus, to fully-fledged dynamic drop-down menus.