Liquid Variable Reference

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The following is a reference list of objects which you can use in your liquid templates. For an introduction to liquid templates you can check out the Liquid Basics page.


Following variables must be included in every Liquid theme file such as the theme.liquid.

  • {{content_for_header}}
  • {{content_for_layout}}

Template specific objects

Special purpose templates usually export the object they reference by the same name as the template file. Product.liquid, for example, would export a product object which references the current product on the page.


This template creates your store's home page. It is not directly related to any given resource of your store in the same way that Product.liquid is.

Because it does not refer to a specific resource, index.liquid makes use of the global objects referenced below. You are free to use any objects (product, collection, page, etc.) in your store from here.

By convention the default themes will render all articles of a blog with the handle home-page, if it exists, and will display products from a collection with the handle home-page. Both of these objects are created automatically during the Spiffy Stores signup when your new store is created.


This template displays the referenced product and all its variants.


This template is used to display a blog and its articles.


This template is used to display a collection of products and all the tags for the collection.

This template will usually use pagination to help to display a large number of items.


This template provides the basic support for displaying the static pages for your store.


This template contains the layout for your shopping cart, and will show all the items that the customer has selected for purchase.


This template contains the layout for your search results.


This template will be displayed whenever a page, product or collection cannot be found. It gives you the opportunity to redirect your customers to a search page or some other way of helping them find what they are looking for.


This template displays all of the collections in your store except the home page collection. In many cases the behaviour can be overridden by creating a menu called "Collections".

Global Objects

Following objects are available from any Liquid template in the system.

Conditional Objects

If a customer is logged in

Other Objects

The following objects are referenced by other Liquid Template Variables, and may be accessed from those objects, rather than being referenced directly.

Further Reference