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The theme.liquid file is basically an HTML/XHTML file that contains liquid tags and provides the overall theme of the site. In this file, you will want everything that is normally included in a standard index.html page.

For example, you will need

  • A Doctype specifying whether it's transitional or strict
  • A Head tag
  • A Body tag

This file contains all the static elements of your site.

You must include the following two lines somewhere within the file.

  • head section:
{{ content_for_header }}
  • main content area:
 {{ content_for_layout }}

The dynamic content is provided by the other liquid templates and the result of rendering these templates is included at the position where you included the content_for_layout tag.

Normally, you will want to specify javascript and stylesheet includes in the head tag of this file.

Here is an example of a javascript include tag with a liquid filter

{{ 'shop.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

This is an example of a stylesheet include tag with a liquid filter

{{ 'shop.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}


In this file you have access to the following liquid variables:

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