Inserting photos into pages and blog articles

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

Spiffy Stores uses CSS classes to control how images are displayed in your blog. Small left aligned images use the class “left” to get them to display on the left side of the text you’ve entered.  

Similarly, small right-aligned images should use the class "right" to get then to display on the right side of your text.

Large images that fit the width of your page do not need to have a style associated with them.

Instructions on how to embed images can be seen in just about every theme demo store.  Below are links to individual instructions in the minimal theme store:

Using the built-in lightbox function

All Spiffy Stores themes also have the ability to use the light-box function, so that images can be clicked on to view a larger “zoomed” image.  Links to demonstrate the light-box function are below: