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You can upload your own logo in the "Logo and top menu" section of your Theme editor. To get to your Theme editor, go to the "Design & Assets -> Theme editor" section of your store's Toolbox.

You should upload a transparent PNG of your logo to get it looking great... otherwise it will be in a big white box! The theme editor will resize the logo for you when you upload it, but you will get a much better result if you resize your logo before uploading it.

Using Pixlr to create create a logo image

Pixlr is a free online image editing program, where you can edit your images in your web browser.

  1. Go to the Pixlr editor
  2. Click "Create a new image"
  3. Set the width to 960 and the height to 200, tick the "Transparent" box, and click OK. 960px is the full width of your store. 200px is the recommended maximum logo height.
  4. You now have your canvas to work within. You will need to explore the various tools and options.
  5. Open your own logo image in Pixlr using "File -> Open image" in the Pixlr menu. Select the "Wand" tool, and select only the type and any icons in your logo. There are also various other tools available so that you can select your logo without the background.
  6. Once you have your logo selected, you can then copy and paste it into your canvas.
  7. When you have pasted your logo image into the canvas, you can resize it by using the <CTRL> and <T> keys on your keyboard. Make sure you're viewing it at 100%, and see if you can get it centered with a bit of space around it. You can then crop closer to the edges of your logo image using the crop tool.
  8. When your logo is looking gorgeous, save it by choosing "File -> Save" from the Pixlr top menu.
  9. Choose "PNG (Transparent full quality) for your format, and save it to your computer
  10. When you've saved the file to your computer, upload it in your Theme Editor.

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