Submitting your store to search engines

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Search engines like Google need to find your website before it can crawl, index it, rate it, and display it in it’s listings. Googlebot (Google's spider) accesses your page if it knows your website exists. If your website doesn’t come up in Google search, Google probably doesn’t know about it.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go are the most popular right now, and they are all you really need to be concerned with at the moment.

Once you get listed with the main ones, you'll eventually show up in some of the other "less important" engines since many of them are just portals of the more popular ones. There are many engines that feed from the popular ones so there is no need to go and submit to these portal engines since you're covered under the main ones.

Where to submit

Once your store has at least 15 pages, and is running on your own domain (rather than your temporary domain), submit your URL to Google and Bing:

Please be patient. It may take weeks for your store to appear.... although you could get lucky and it will happen on the same day.

To check to see if your store has been indexed, simply search for your website.

To submit your site to Google, you will need to verify you own the site. To submit your site to Bing, you will also need to verify you own the site with Bing.

Search Engines FAQ

Q: My site isn't showing up on Google yet. How can I make it show up?

A: If you have already submitted it, you'll need to wait for Google to index your site before it shows up.

Q: My site doesn't show up for my keywords

A: You should include keywords that you think people will search for in your text, and you should have as much information about your products as possible. We have many articles in our blog that tell you what you need to do to improve your ranking in search engines.

Q: I have updated a page, but Google is showing old information. How can I make Google display my new content in search results?

A: You could re-submit pages through Google's Webmaster Tools, but Google indexes pages according to their own schedule. The more content you add to your store, the more likely they are to re-index pages.

Don't keep submitting!

Many people get anxious while waiting for the search engines to add their online store, and they keep submitting. You run the risk of getting your store banned if you do this.

I know it's tempting, but rest assured that your submission was received the first time!

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