Melbourne ecommerce theme changelog

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This page features updates including bug fixes and enhancements to the Melbourne theme. This page was created on the 2nd of November 2017, so previous update details are not available.

20th February 2020 - Version 11.14

  • Added global layby widgets & removed theme layby widgets
  • Added theme compatibility headers
  • Updates to breadcrumbs
  • Updates to structured data
  • Added display of customer credits in customer pages

8th November 2019 - Version 11.13

  • Updated Instagram Widget code to simplify setup
  • Fixed bug in cart on mobile devices

16th October 2019 - Version 11.12

  • Updated Afterpay widget design to force use of Afterpay colours
  • Updated Afterpay cart widget to contain links
  • Bug fix in checkout to display optional fields nicely
  • Updated Theme settings to use https links
  • Removed Google + options
  • Streamlined popup window scripts
  • Added default custom.css stylesheet

10th July 2019 - Version 11.11

  • Added support for Afterpay
  • Added support for Zip Pay and Zip Money

8th February 2019 - Version 11.10

  • Bug fix on "notify me" function for out of stock products

16th March 2018 - Version 11.9

  • Bug fix on mobile menus on IOS devices

20th December 2017 - Version 11.8

  • Bug fix on showing/hiding collections on the home page

20th November 2017 - Version 11.7

  • Tweaks to "notify me" function for out of stock products

10th November 2017 - Version 11.6

  • Added enhanced mobile menus
  • Added storefront pagination options
  • Added lazy loading of images on collection pages
  • Updated slideshow and feature images

2nd November 2017 - Version 11.5

  • Added "notify me" function for out of stock products
  • Added colour presets
  • Fixed spacing on payment screen in checkout

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