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Your home page consists of 8 major sections... your slideshow, welcome text, featured products, featured collections, introduction text, a promotional banner, latest articles from your blog, and finally an Instagram feed. Each section is edited (or selected) the Theme Editor section of your store's Toolbox.

Below you will find detailed information on each of the sections.

There's a lot to each section, which is why some are disabled when you first apply the theme. These sections can all be enabled in the Theme Editor section of your store's Toolbox.

Displaying featured collections on your home page

Select your featured collections in the Design & assets -> Theme editor section of your store's Toolbox. Scroll down on this page until you find the section called Home Page - Sections.

You will find the following options in the Featured collections section...

  • Display featured Collections- The first ten collections will be displayed in the order that they were created
  • Menu Called "Featured Collections" - Control exactly which collections are displayed by creating a menu called "Featured Collections", and adding links to the collections you want to display.
  • Hide this section - Hides the section altogether

Select your option, scroll down and click the Save Settings button.

Displaying featured products on your home page

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