Vintage theme - Changelog

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This page features updates including bug fixes and enhancements to the Vintage theme. This page was created on the 16th October 2017, so previous update details are not available.

11th March 2020 - Version 14.6

  • Added global layby widgets & removed theme layby widgets
  • Added global icons & removed theme icons
  • Added "Announcement Bar" at top of page along with additional theme editor options.
  • Added theme compatibility headers
  • Updates to breadcrumbs
  • Updates to structured data
  • Updates to customer templates to support credits
  • Consolidated Javascript and CSS files to reduce server requests

11th November 2019 - Version 14.5

  • Enhance styling of layby payments widgets
  • Enhance styling of Instagram feed
  • Clean up styles of pop-ups

1st November 2019 - Version 14.4

  • Add layby payments widgets
  • Replace Instagram feed script
  • Clean up styles of pop-ups

10th July 2018 - Version 14.3

  • Fix text area colours in checkout

5th July 2018 - Version 14.2

  • Fix product image zoom
  • Tidy up blog articles on the home page
  • Modified search popup behaviour
  • Enhanced slideshow by adding in options to select text and button colours.

9th November 2017 - Version 14.1

  • Fix logo alignment
  • Add in default articles to home page
  • Update default slideshow images

16th October 2017 - Version 14.0

  • Major update to bring in line with Darwin base theme