Sydney Theme Changelog

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This page features updates including bug fixes and enhancements to the Sydney theme. This page was created on the 28th of February 2020, so previous update details are not available.

12th October 2022 - Version 1.8

  • Added support for Product Reviews.
  • Added support for Blog Comments.
  • Added support for Gift Cards.
  • Altered layout of list collections page.
  • Added TikTok link and removed Fancy links
  • Added custom.css file for easy customisation

21st February 2022 - Version 1.7

  • Updates to modernizr
  • Updates to SASS support

4th June 2021 - Version 1.6

  • Added support for Infinite Options.
  • Removed Instagram feed and replaced with HTML Block Section. Instagram are now blocking feeds, so you will need to use a third party to display an Instagram feed. See Displaying an Instagram feed on your home page .
  • Updated Handlebars to v4.7.7
  • Added announcement bar
  • Added customisable popup
  • Moved onboarding assets to global

28th February 2020 - Version 1.5

  • Add global layby payments widgets
  • Fixed styling in checkout
  • Replace Instagram feed script
  • Remove unsupported Twitter share count code
  • Remove Google + sharing
  • Added theme compatibility headers
  • Updates to breadcrumbs
  • Updates to structured data