Standards & Formats

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The Standards and Formats section is filled in with default values for Order Number formatting, Time Zone, Units of measurement and Currency formats, based on your store location chosen when you signed up. The initial values can be changed to whatever you want, however. If you expect most of your customers to be from a particular country other than your own, for instance, you may want to sell your products to them in their own currency.

Order ID Format

You can choose to alter the default Order number formatting and provide a formatting template of your own.

By default, the system uses a template of #{{number}}. This means that all order numbers will be formatted as #12345.

You can use the {{number}} place holder in any format string you choose, and the actual order number will replace the place holder when the number is formatted.

"#{{number}}" => #12345
"O ID #{{number}}" => O ID 12345

You may like to create a format that allows you to specify a minimum number of digits and to allow formatting within the order number. You can do this by using the {{dddd}} format place holder.

This format string is like a picture of the order number and describes the way that you want the number to appear. Each d character represent a digit of the order number. If there are more d format characters than digits in the order number, then a '0' will be used. This allows you to create order numbers with a fixed number of digits with zero-padding.

If the order number has more digits than are specified in the picture format, then all the extra digits are displayed as is.

"#{{dddddd}}" => #012345
"Order Number #{{dddd}}" => Order Number 12345

To create more order number variations, you can also insert spaces and other punctuation characters between the digits in the picture format. You cannot use any alphabetic or numeric characters in the format.

"#{{dd dd dd}}" => #01 23 45
"Order #{{ddd/ddd/ddd}}" => Order 000/012/345

Amount formats

  • amount
  • amount_no_decimals
  • amount_with_comma_separator