Spiffy Stores Themes

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This section shows you how to use the built-in styles for Spiffy Stores E-commerce themes. It's a brand new section that we're working on right now.  Please bear with us while we organise this section.

Currently each theme has instructions on how to customise it on it's demo store. This information is gradually being moved to pages in the knowledge base.

Antiqua theme

The Antiqua demo site has instructions on how to change your theme colour scheme, how to add your logo to your store, and how to add products to your home page


Minimal theme 

The minimal demo site has instructions on how to change images in the home page slideshow, how to add your logo, what image sizes you should use for your products, how to add the special "collections" page to your store, and how to change your address details in the footer.


Fresh theme

Showtime theme

The Showtime ecommerce theme for Spiffy Stores has some great customisations and features available including;
  • A choice of 32 different backgrounds and the ability to upload your own background image easily
  • Customisable slide shows on the home page and collection pages
  • Upload your logo and it’s re-sized automatically to fit into the top banner
  • Icons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media built into the product pages and blog articles
  • Built-in css styling for adding in comments to blog articles using html comment box
  • Support for <!–more–> tags, so your blog page can have a short introduction for each article that leads into the main article
  • Icons for payment methods that your store supports
  • Built-in drop-down store menus
  • Easily choose which store menus to display (with built-in support for up to 3 different menus)
  • Lightbox support for images in blogs and articles
  • Full built-in support for related products
  • Matching checkout.css file that uses your logo and custom background


Dream theme