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Display tabs with extra info on your product page. This allows you to break up the page into different sections. We recommend making use of this feature in particular, as separating your content into smaller chunks is especially beneficial for a few reasons...

  1. The "Add to cart" button appears higher on the page, so customers don't need to scroll so much.

  2. Pertinent information about the product is displayed right next to the product image, with more detailed information further down the page. This also entices customers to explore other areas of your store, and also to see reviews if enabled.

  3. Images attached to product variants can be seen to change when you select a variant. if your product description is too long, your customers cannot see what product they have selected.

Product specific information

The tags for creating tabs are entered directly into the "Source Code" of your product description. To access the source code, click the "< >" icon in the toolbar.

In this example product page, you can see multiple tabs on the product page. To display tabs, we make use of the
<!--more-->  tag that can also be used in Blog Articles to cut the content up into smaller chunks.

We then specify that we want a tab titled "More Info", so the tag ends up looking like this...
<!--more--> <!--tab="More info"-->

In addition to this, there are other tabs on the page done the same way...

<!--more--> <!--tab="Video"-->

<!--more--> <!--tab="Features"-->

<!--more--> <!--tab="Specifications"-->

Product Reviews

Yotpo helps Spiffy store owners generate a ton of product reviews which help you to drive new traffic and sales through social, email and other channels. Yotpo is free and takes 5 minutes to install.

In the demo store, you can see a "Reviews" tab. To enable this tab, please follow the instructions on how to enable Yotpo reviews in your store.

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