Setting the default Home page title and description

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SEO for the Home Page

It is important to set the values of the <title> and <meta name="description"> tags for the Home page as this is the central page of your store for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

By default, these tags have generic values, but these can be changed by adding the following modifications to your theme.settings file.

If you don't currently use a theme.settings file to configure your theme customizations, you can find further information on Theme customization at Theme Settings.

Some theme designers may have already incorporated these modifications into their themes, so check the available settings in your Theme Editor first.

Theme.settings Modifications

In order to override the built-in title and description values for the home page, just copy and paste the following code into your theme.settings file. You will find this file in the "Theme editor" section. Just click on the file icon to edit the file.

Sample Code

At the bottom of the file, copy and paste in the following code, and then save the results.

  Section: [Home page]
    default_title: {
      label: "Default title",
      type: text

    default_description: {
      label: "Default description",
      type: textarea

Setting Home page default values

This code defines two new fields, default_title and default_description. Once these have been added to the theme.settings file, you will be able to enter values for these two fields in the Theme editor.

Your new Search Engine Optimized Home Page

After saving the new theme settings, your home page will now display with the new title and an updated meta description. These are now the values that will be used by Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines to index your home page.