Resolving Transaction Disputes

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

When a dispute between an online store owner and consumer arises, it can often be easily resolved.
While Spiffy Stores is not a party to these transactions and does not control the actions or behavior of merchants or consumers, we can offer some useful suggestions for resolving a dispute.

  1. Talk it over
    Merchants and consumers can often resolve a dispute by talking to each other. Many problems are the result of a misunderstanding. Email communications can often be misinterpreted. It may be possible to clarify, discuss, and resolve your differences through a phone conversation.

  2. Report fraud
    If you suspect that you're a victim of fraud (if you received an order for merchandise and never received payment), you can file a complaint. Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and file a complaint against an individual.

  3. Report mail fraud
    If you suspect that you're a victim of mail fraud, file a complaint with your local Post Office or Internet Crime Centre.  By taking action against fraud, you help to remove it from the Spiffy Stores community.