Melbourne ecommerce theme - selecting & modifying your colour scheme

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The Melbourne theme uses grey as it's primary colour. Your highlight colour can be specified, and your own background image as well as your logo and images are what you're able to personalise about the design.

Your highlight colour, background and layout can be modified in the Design & assets -> Theme editor section of your store's Toolbox. They can be found in the Colour Scheme & layout section.

Boxed or widescreen layout

The result of setting this layout option to Boxed is that all slideshows and banners are set to the width of the content area, and a background image displayed either side. On mobile devices, the background is sometimes hidden to conserve space.

If you would prefer to have your slideshow displayed the full width of the theme, this layout option needs to be set to Widescreen. When set to Widescreen the background is hidden, so the background options below do not apply.

An example of the boxed layout can be seen to the right. Most other images you will find of the theme in this knowledge base use the widescreen layout.

Highlight colour

The highlight colour you select here is used in various places throughout the theme, as you can see to the image in the right.

The theme also uses colours that complement the highlight colour you have selected in various other areas.

The highlight colour changes the colour of the following items:

  • The site title (if you haven't uploaded your own logo)
  • Cart display
  • Featured links on mouseover
  • Slideshow buttons on mouseover
  • Buttons throughout the theme
  • Text links
  • "SALE" tags
  • "BACKORDER" tags use a complementary colour
  • Pagination links and buttons

We suggest using an intense highlight colour, as pale colours will have unexpected results. Another reason why we suggest this, is because the items that are highlighted should stand out on the page. Buttons such as the "Add to cart" button and "Checkout" button are important, and should be more visible to your customers.

Background Colour and texture

The background only displays if you select the Boxed layout. The background colour behaves differently depending on which background texture you choose. We suggest using a greyscale background colour, as it draws attention away from the background, and focuses your visitor on the content.

The background textures are all fairly subtle... again as the background shouldn't be the so strong that the rest of your content pales in comparison. The following textures are included in this theme...

  • Egg shell
  • Linen
  • Paper
  • Stone
  • Snowflakes
  • Vintage velvet
  • Floral
  • Ornate swirls
  • Modern floral
  • Squiggles
  • Stars
  • Dots
  • Stripes
  • Hearts

Custom background image

Your custom background image only displays if you select the Boxed layout. Background images are tiled, so it you want to use your own background image, you should ensure that it is a small image that will work well repeated.

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