Information for SEO Professionals

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

If you have contracted an SEO professional to make modifications to your store, then this is the place you will need to point them to for information regarding creating custom meta tags for your store.

Frequently asked SEO questions

  1. Can I have FTP details for
    Stores cannot be accessed through FTP. You can edit the Theme files through the Toolbox in the "Design & assets -> Theme editor" section, or they can be edited using Webdav. Information about Webdav can be found here -> Using WebDAV to edit your theme

  2. What is my login?
    You'll need to contact the store owner and have them create a "Staff Login" for you using your email address.  This is done in the "Accounts -> Staff logins" section of the Toolbox.  You will definitely need to do this if you are located in a different country than the store owner, as you'll be locked out for security reasons.

    When the store owner creates a login for you, you'll be sent an email asking you to click a link that will allow you to create your own password to log in to the store.  Once you've done this, you can edit whatever you need to in order to make changes to the store.

  3. How can I edit the meta tags on a page?
    Every page, product, and collection allows you to edit the meta description and meta title of the page in the "Edit Search Engine Data" section. The keyword meta tag is generated automatically from the tags added to a product.

  4. How do I edit the sitemap.xml file?
    The sitemap file is automatically generated by the server based on the pages, products and collections that are set as "published".  It's created every time it is accessed so is generated in realtime.  For this reason it cannot be edited.

  5. How do I add a Google verification tag?
    Copy the meta tag code from Google. In your theme editor, click on the "Theme.liquid" file to edit it, paste the code immediately before the </head> tag, and then click the save button.