Getting help using TeamViewer

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

If you are having issues with your store or email and we're not able to see what's happening, we are able to assist you remotely using TeamViewer.  There is a one-off fee of $35 per support incident for providing this support, but should we find that that the problem is caused by an error on our end, the fee will be waived.

Using TeamViewer is quite simple, and just involves downloading an application and opening it on your computer.  It is available for Mac or PC.  Links to the downloads are available below. 

Download TeamViewer »

Getting support

You will need to email us detailed information to about the issue prior to us connecting using TeamViewer.

When you have downloaded Teamviewer, you will need to open the TeamViewer application, and ensure it is connected. It should provide you with a TeamViewer ID and password.  

You can then phone us on 1300 727 334 during phone support hours to provide your ID and password.  

When we have all of the required information, we can then connect to your computer to review your settings.  If there are any issues, we'll then be able to resolve them for you quickly and easily.