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Your Store Details

This is where you enter the name of your store and the contact email address.

Store name

Depending on your theme, the name of your store often appears as the title of your store your store's top header, and it can also appear in the "Name" Meta tag.

Please also note that it appears in all of your email templates as well, so if you're hoping to do something to help your ranking in search engines, you may also want to customise your email templates by changing the

{{ shop_name }}

tag in your email templates to something that will make sense.

Store Email address

Notifications from your Toolbox such as emails from enquiries sent from your "Contact Us" form are sent to this email address.

This email address is also used as the "Reply to;" address on Order confirmation emails, Shipping confirmation emails, Contact Us response emails. This is so that the recipient can just hit reply to any message that the store has sent out to them.

Store Address

Please enter your full street address here. This is required for billing purposes, and your Spiffy Store will not be active without it. It's also used for calculating shipping using one of our automated shipping providers, so you'll definitely want to have a proper street address there.

Note that your address is not displayed anywhere in your store, and can only be seen by you and Spiffy Stores staff.

Contact Details

Please provide a contact phone or mobile number. THis is how we will contact you if there are ever any issues with your store. Your phone number is not displayed anywhere in your store, and can only be seen by you and Spiffy Stores staff.

Business Registration Number

You may be required by local taxation legislation to report your business registration number on all invoices.

Enter your number exactly as you want it formatted on your invoices. For example, you could add a prefix and spaces and enter it as "ABN 11 222 333 444". Please note that you have to enter this number if you are registered for GST purposes.


Spiffy Stores tracks visitors to your Store in real-time but you may like to also look at Google Analytics. This free service features per-product return on investment tracking as well as extensive per-user statistics and geographical information which can be invaluable for running a successful advertising campaign.

Click here for instructions on setting up Google Analytics in your store

Password protection

Password protecting (or hiding) your store will lock it, and hide everything so you can continue setting it up. Some themes will also display a "Coming Soon" splash page.

Password protecting your store is a good idea while you are still adding products or designing its look and feel. This is especially important if you have set up a credit card and payment gateway but don't want to start accepting sales quite yet.

Your store can be password protected in the Preferences -> General Settings -> Password Protect Access to your Store section of your store admin.

When your store is ready to go, you can then simply un-tick the Use password protection option and click the Apply Settings button.