Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing & Referral Programs

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

Repeat customers can be the most valuable customers to your business. Often they evangelize your products to other people. A great way to get them to keep coming back is by offering rewards. By doing this, you can take advantage of a customers passion for your product, increase sales in your store, and spread the word about your store and products.

There are easy ways to reward your customers with Spiffy Stores. One of the most popular ways is to reward customers for each new customer that they bring to your store. Companies like Ambassador and Referral Candy automate this system for you to reduce headaches such as keeping track of how many referrals a person has, who referred whom, etc.

If you need help integrating one of these services, please contact us for support.

Adding tracking or referral tags to your store

Many referral services might provide you with a tracking tag that you need to add into your store.

In some cases they ask you to add their code into your store before the closing "</body>" tag. To add this in,. please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Store Toolbox, and go to the "Design & assets -> Theme editor" section.

  2. Click on your theme.liquid file to edit it, and paste their code before the </body> tag, which can usually be found close to the bottom of the code.

  3. Save your theme.liquid file.

If you need to also track conversions, you should see our tutorial on Conversion Tracking.