Cancelling an Order

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

You can cancel an unpaid order by selecting the "Cancel this order" under "Edit order status" when you are viewing the order. Cancelled and unpaid orders do not attract any transaction fees.

Once an order has been paid, you need to contact us to request that an order be cancelled. Your request needs to come from one of the email addresses associated with your store.

Orders need to be cancelled for many different reasons. For example, the order could be fraudulent or the customer could have changed their mind... or you might not have the stock available.

To request this, please email us at providing us with the following information;

  1. Your store name
  2. The order number
  3. If refunded, the amount of the refund
  4. The reason for the cancellation. One of the following;
    1. Customer changed mind
    2. Goods defective/unsuitable
    3. Fraudulent order
    4. Other
  5. Whether or not we should re-stock the store's inventory with the items from the order.

After we have received this information, we will mark the order as refunded for you, and issue a credit to your store account. There are no fees from us for refunding an order, but there may be fees from your payment provider.

To avoid extra administration, you should use the TESTING gateway if you want to test the software. Test orders do not attract transaction fees. If you have placed test orders using another gateway, please follow the instructions above to receive a credit for any test orders placed.