Bendigo Theme Changelog

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This page features updates including bug fixes and enhancements to the Bendigo theme. This page was created on the 12th November 2019, so previous update details are not available.

17th March 2021 - Version 10.11

  • Fix product thumbs
  • Fix opacity filters in CSS

17th February 2021 - Version 10.10

  • Home page layout tweaks.
  • Fix for product images when zoom enabled.
  • Updates to slideshow images and slideshow padding
  • Updates to custom background image

30th July 2020 - Version 10.9

  • Onboarding fonts and images moved to global.
  • Fixes to padding and margins so custom background images cover the background.

18th June 2020 - Version 10.8

  • Tidy up product image display and zoom image display.

31st March 2020 - Version 10.7

  • Added mobile menu options for side menu

26th February 2020 - Version 10.6

  • Added global layby widgets & removed theme layby widgets
  • Added global icons & removed theme icons
  • Added "Announcement Bar" at top of page along with additional theme editor options.
  • Added product image zoom function
  • Added theme compatibility headers
  • Updates to breadcrumbs
  • Updates to structured data
  • Updates to customer templates to support credits
  • Consolidated Javascript and CSS files to reduce server requests

12th November 2019 - Version 10.5

  • Add layby payments widgets
  • Replace Instagram feed script
  • Clean up styles in checkout
  • Added ability to enable/disable sidebar
  • Fixed styling of related products
  • Removed Google+ scripts

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