Accepting payments using Afterpay

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

Afterpay’s proprietary technology platform enables shoppers to pay for items in four simple instalments, without the need for additional information at checkout.

For more information about Afterpay, Visit the Afterpay Website.

Benefits For Afterpay Merchants

  • Incremental sales, new customers
    Afterpay converts customers that would have otherwise abandoned, generating more sales from the existing customer base and creating new customers.

  • Guaranteed up-front payment
    Afterpay pays merchants the full transaction amount within 48 hours of purchase, guaranteed.

  • Increase basket size and repeat purchase rates
    Afterpay customers spend more per transaction and over their lifetime, and they come back more often.

  • Zero fraud or credit risk
    Afterpay assumes all end-customer non-payment risk for every single transaction.

Seamless integration with your store.

To accept Afterpay, you will first need a merchant account with Afterpay. Contact Afterpay to apply for an account. As this is a new integration, you may get someone at AfterPay who is not aware that Spiffy Stores is a supported solution. Should this happen, please forward their email to, and we'll communicate with their staff to get you set up painlessly.

After you have created an Afterpay account, activating Afterpay payments in your store is simple, and can be done in the Preferences -> Checkout & Payment section of your Spiffy Store Toolbox.

To activate Afterpay, scroll down to the Alternative Payment Methods section, and select Afterpay.


It's then just a simple matter of entering the Merchant ID and Merchant Key provided by Afterpay. You should set a Maximum Order Value and Minimum Order Value as per your agreement with Afterpay. You may also want to add a note that is displayed in your checkout in the Extra Instructions to Buyer section.

Once you have completed all of the information, simply click the Activate button, and head over to your storefront to preview Afterpay in your checkout.


Displaying Afterpay information/widgets in your store

We assist you to get Afterpay set up in your store. Our newer themes already include Afterpay support, but if your theme isn't showing Afterpay assets when you activate Afterpay in your store, please contact us, and we'll add them in for you free of charge.

Have Afterpay contacted you saying that Spiffy Stores isn't a supported platform?

We're currently working with Afterpay to resolve this issue. Please forward their email to and we'll resolve this with Afterpay on your behalf.

When you're at the stage of Solution Acceptance Testing, please let us know in advance, so we can make sure that we have your site set up and in test mode for Afterpay. This will ensure the testing process is as painless as possible for you.

Orders marked as Payment Pending or Error?

Afterpay can sometimes take a little while to verify a payment and decide to offer your customer credit, which is why the order is marked as Payment Pending.

An order that uses Afterpay that is marked as Error means that Afterpay has rejected the payment. The customer is well aware that this has happened, as they are notified by Afterpay. In this instance, we recommend you follow-up with your customer by sending them an email asking if they would like to continue with the order. You would generally do this about 24 hours after the order has been placed.

If they do want to continue with the order, log in to your store admin, and view the order details. You will find that there should be an option to Send order retry link under Email customer, which will send them an email with a link so they can complete their payment. When you receive payment, the order should then be automatically marked as paid on the View order screen in your Spiffy Store.

For more information about Afterpay, Visit the Afterpay Website.