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We quite often release updates to themes. Unfortunately as every store owner has customised their theme in some way, we're unable to update the themes for you in live stores automatically.

You can however update your theme to the latest version at any time. The latest version of your theme can be found in the themes in the "Design & Assets -> Theme gallery" section of your stores' Toolbox.

Before you update your theme, you should always download a backup copy of the theme that your store is currently using. This can be done in the "Design & Assets -> Upload/download theme" section.

Once you have updated your theme, you should go to the "Design & Assets -> Theme editor" section to set up your theme again, and you will definitely need to consult our documentation on your theme.

The updated theme may include different menu configurations, different slideshow sizes, and different product image size requirements. You should consult our documentation to find all of this out BEFORE you switch themes.

If you do update your theme, and find that you're unable to get your store working in your updated theme, please contact us for help, or upload the backup of your theme to switch back to how your store was originally. This can be done in the "Design & Assets -> Upload/download theme" section.

It's important to download a backup of your theme before updating in case you want to switch back.

We recommend using the following process...

  1. Download a backup of your theme and unzip it. The assets folder will contain your logo image, and any other images you have uploaded in your theme editor
  2. Open your theme editor in a new tab, and expand all of the sections
  3. In your original tab, go to the Theme Gallery, and apply the theme to your store
  4. Go to the Theme Editor, and work your way down through all settings, copying settings from the other tab, and uploading images from the theme backup on your computer
  5. When you're done, save your changes
  6. If you have made changes to your theme such as adding tracking pixels etc., then it's a good idea to open up your theme.liquid file from your backup and copy any of your edits across. You should be able to open this file in Notepad on a PC or Textedit on a Mac.

What changes when you update your theme?

  • Newer versions of themes may have different slideshow image size requirements. In all cases, you will need to set up slideshows again.

  • Any social media links that have been set up are wiped out when you update your theme. These need to be added back in to your theme editor.

  • Any custom design modifications that have been made to your theme are wiped out when you update themes.

  • Every setting in the "Design & Assets -> Theme editor" section is reset, so you'll need to set up colour schemes, subscribe forms, design preferences etc again.

What doesn't change when you update themes?

  • All of the products, orders, collections, customers and menus remain the same. When you update themes however, they can be presented differently, which is why it's important to download a backup of your theme before switching in case you want to switch back.

Can you do this for me?

We're happy to manually update your theme for you. There is a one-off charge of $35 to do this for you.