Use your Blog!

I’ve noticed that a lot of stores aren’t using their built in Blog.  This is a little suprising, as even though we’ve done everything we can to get Spiffy Stores so it’s appealing to search engines, we can’t make a store rank well if there isn’t enough textual content for the search engines to decide that a store should rank well.

Search directories and search engines such as Yahoo, Google Alta-Vista (and most of the others) crave fresh and new information that is frequently updated, and a well maintained blog provides exactly that.

The more search engines like Google find daily and updated content, the more often their search spiders will visit your store, resulting in high search engine rankings for your store.

Here’s a little equation for you….

Regularly updated blog = more visitors = more sales!

In other words….

Writing detailed entries, and putting links in to products in your store will help you sell products more than alt tags, keywords, bolding text, H1 tags, and all of the other SEO tricks can ever do!

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few of the many benefits of using your blog:

1. Higher search rankings on Google with no paid-submission

2. Other search engines will most likely position you higher too

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) is great but free marketing has infinite ROI

4. Your customers are also happier, because they can find out much more about you and your products

5. Fresh information appears on Google in only a few days, not weeks

6. If you write interesting articles, other bloggers will link to you for free.

I hope you’re convinced!

Blogs should, as with all your marketing activities, be viewed as an added, parallel solution to increase communications and ideas to your prospects and customers, while at the same time helping your store achieve greater success with the search engines.

We see your store Blog as one of the most important utilities for getting web traffic to your store, so be prepared to see a lot more developments in this area in the coming months.